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We offer Turkey’s most preferred news software.
News Software

Configure your website with unique designs and features, and deliver your news site to your visitors most efficiently with the possibilities of the latest technology!

News Application

For those who want a mobile news application that can be presented through their own account on AppStore and Google PlayStore, in addition to the news site.

Restaurant Software

Bring all-in-one service management and digitalization to your restaurant and food service business with a POS software that is tailored for all organizations in the industry.

Beyond News Software

TE Bilisim News Software is a system where every element that should be present in a news site is carefully considered and prepared. You just need to publish your news and focus on creating your content.

Advanced Management Panel

With the advanced management panel, you can activate/deactivate all areas of your website, easily add and edit content on your site.

Google Optimization

Everything necessary for your news site's content to appear on Google and Google News, and to be fully compatible with Google is available.

Automatic Agency Bots

Easily follow the news of the agencies you subscribe to for your news site with automatic agency bots.


Mobile Version and Applications

Our news software is fully mobile compatible and includes versions specifically designed for mobile. In addition, if you wish, you can also choose our specially developed mobile applications.

Enhanced Mobile Infrastructure

We develop our mobile versions as closely as possible with new technologies and enhance their power with every new release.

More Interactive Mobile Menu Option

A mobile menu with a high user experience is available for your mobile users to use more actively

User-Friendly Design Options

The color and font options you set for your desktop now reflect the same way on mobile, making it possible to maintain the integrity of your website.


Mobile-Specific Story Option

Present your content more actively with the powerful story feature, similar to social media platforms, with the story feature on your mobile version.

Mobile-Specific Category Menu

You can present your categories more conveniently on mobile with a sliding menu.

Mobile-friendly Ad Management

With the special mobile option for the ads you want to display on mobile, it is possible to manage your ads more comprehensively.

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They tried, they were satisfied and they recommend it.
Nova Flow is an extremely satisfying theme in terms of performance, visual design, and ease of use. Its mobile compatibility and easy configurability from the management panel are also a plus for us.



Taking into account the feedback and requests from TE Bilisim customers, a large portion of them have been implemented. We are very happy to see that almost all of the features we requested as a custom software have been included in the new software.



Nova appears to be a software that answers the question "What should be in a news site?" for us. It has years of experience behind it! It has combined this experience with software, design, visuals, speed, and simplicity, yet it is equally attractive!



Nova contains perfectly flexible features. The new software has made content entry easier in the panel, as well as providing flexibility in the user interface, developed Google optimization, and a truly fantastic responsive design that is fully compatible with all devices.



We have been working with TE Bilisim for almost 10 years. TE Bilisim, which always goes beyond in software and design, has done a fantastic job with Nova. We recommend this theme, which is prepared according to Google's requirements and user experience, to everyone.



We can say that Nova is the most beautiful theme ever made in terms of design and speed. The news detail, homepage layout, modules, in short, every part of the site is perfect. TE Informatics has raised the bar quite high with Nova.



We are pleased to use Nova news software, which keeps up with evolving technology and provides significant contributions to the development of our brand. After starting to use Nova, we as a team understand much better how right of a decision we have made.



Our adaptation process to the new system was incredibly easy. Along with the new features, the management panel has also been completely updated, and an amazing improvement has been made on top of the old user experience.



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