Mobile Application

Mobile Application

TE Bilişim news software mobile application offers almost all the features available on your news website.

The mobile application provides services to mobile users with real-time content pulled from your website that uses the TE Bilişim news software. You can customize your application through the management panel of your news site.
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If you have purchased TE Bilişim news software, you can also choose to use the mobile application developed specifically for mobile platforms. The mobile application, with a simple, high-quality user experience and a flexible interface, also brings many features.

Instant Notifications

Send instant notifications to users who download your mobile application with One Signal support.

Design and Layout

Differentiate and customize your mobile application with layouts that suit your needs.

Color and Font

Choose your desired colors and design your application by selecting one of 18 fonts.

Live Streaming Integration

Share your live stream connection and, if applicable, your radio broadcast link with your users.

Social Media Sharing

Share your content on social media with device-specific social media sharing features.

Strong Mobile Infrastructure

Offer your users a unique experience with the strong infrastructure that is part of the TE Informatics news software.
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Advanced Management Panel

You can easily manage everything related to your application with the advanced management panel.

Android, iOS and Huawei Platforms

Don't miss the opportunity to have your mobile application on three different platforms!

Full Integration with Your News Website

You can instantly deliver the news you add to your website to your users.

Native and Webview Options

Choose and publish the mobile application that fits your budget and prestige.

Types of Applications

Mobile applications come in two options to be economically viable for use: Native and Webview.

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Mobile applications are offered in two different ways depending on your preference: Native and Webview. You can choose the one that is suitable for your budget. Native applications are more stable and specially designed compared to web view applications.

What is a Native Application?

A native mobile application is an application developed specifically for a target platform according to the preferred programming language and tools of that platform.

Unlike websites and web applications, native mobile applications are not run in a browser, but developed to run on their own native operating systems.

What is a Webview Application?

A webview mobile application is a browser-based mobile application that provides a display in the form of how your website appears on a mobile browser.

Webview mobile applications provide a display based on the website. It will appear the same way in this application as it does on a mobile device when viewing the website.

Application Features

The mobile application is developed specifically for TE Bilişim customers. More flexible, more user-friendly and more powerful…
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  • Push Notification

    Ability to send instant notifications to application users via the One Signal infrastructure.

  • Advanced Control Panel

    Ability to customize your mobile application using your news software panel.

  • 18 Font Options

    Ability to choose the font styles for your application.

  • Editing Text Sizes

    Ability to edit and format the text sizes of the sections in the application.

  • Ad Management

    Suitable ad management for Google Admob banner, Admob native, and custom ads.

  • Live Broadcast Connection

    Ability to create links for live and radio broadcasts.

  • Automatic Location Detection

    Location-based services such as weather and prayer times are now displayed automatically.

  • Customization of Colors

    Ability to make adjustments based on your corporate colors in many areas of your mobile application.

  • Compatibility with Your Website

    Ability to offer more comprehensive content with the corresponding areas of your news website.

  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Huawei

    Ability to be included in the application ecosystem of your choice and available on all devices.

  • Webview and Native Options

    Ability to launch with either Native or Webview options depending on your preference.

  • Full Integration with News Software

    Full compatibility with TE Bilişim news software thanks to custom infrastructure and API development.

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