Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales & Installation

Frequently asked questions about the news software… Data transfer, transitions, new beginnings, etc.
If we switch from another software to Nova news software, can you transfer our existing data?
First, we examine the data and database structure of your site. We usually transfer your news and author articles without any problems. We can usually transfer well-known news software on the market and make the necessary link redirections. However, we would like to point out that it depends on the evaluation of our team.
Do you also provide a mobile application along with Nova news software?
Yes. We also provide a mobile application that will work integrated with the news site for customers who request it. The mobile application is subject to an additional fee. The tracking and obligations of the accounts to be opened on the Apple Store and Google Market for the mobile application are your responsibility. You can contact us for more detailed information.
Will there be any other cost items when buying Nova news software?
Since we host news software on our own servers, in addition to the software, your server/hosting and, if any, transfer costs will also be added. Server costs are determined according to your usage, so there may be differences according to your traffic. Actually, TE Bilişim is not just a software service, but also a software company that provides other services related to software. In this way, we try to respond to our customers’ needs in this regard in a single point and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.
Do you make custom developments, special designs, plugins, etc. for our needs in Nova news software?
Instead of developing custom designs and plugins for individual websites, in Nova news software, we evaluate the suggestions and requests we receive from our customers as a team and include them in our task list for future versions if we evaluate them as suitable for all websites. We believe that you will understand and appreciate our approach as a team to develop the software to the highest level.
Can we host the Nova news software on our own servers?
No. Nova news software is hosted on TE Bilişim servers due to its need for special configurations and for security reasons. Our main priority is to ensure that news websites are set up seamlessly and continue to perform at their highest level possible. Additionally, having it completely under our control and supervision helps us provide our customers with a more reliable service.
Can we request a free demo of the Nova news software's admin panel?
Yes, you can review the demos of our news themes for free. If you make a demo request on our website, demo information will be sent to you.
Is extra fee required for the installation of Nova news software?
No. Theme installation is done for free by our team when you purchase the news theme. During the installation process, our support team manages the technical aspects of the process.
Is the cost of Nova software paid once or annually?
The amount determined for Nova news software is the fee for using the software and it is a one-time payment. However, expenses such as hosting and server, which are used in addition to the software, are recurring expenses that are paid periodically.

Design & Software

General questions about the appearance and software solutions of your website…
How can I add a table to the detail of a news article?

To add a table to the details of a news article, you may encounter some visual irregularities that arise from unnecessary codes in the table when you copy and paste it. To clean up these codes, open the Table Generator page, paste your code, and check the “Do not generate CSS” option. The CSS codes in your table will be removed. Then you can add this code to your news article by using the Source Code section of the add news page. After adding, you need to make a small addition: you should modify the “table” part to “<table class=’table’>”.

How can I add a tweet from Twitter to the details of a news article in its original format?
To embed a tweet in its original format, click on the three dots on the right side of the tweet on Twitter and select “Embed Tweet.” After making the necessary adjustments on the page that appears, copy the code by clicking on “Copy.” On the editing page of the article where you want to add the tweet, open the “Source” section and paste the code into the desired area.
Can I change the design of the news detail page?
In Xpanel, under View > Theme Settings, there are two different design options for the detail page. You can choose one of them and customize your design. If you know CSS, you can make visual changes from View > Custom Codes.

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