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News Software

The Next Generation News Software

The most advanced news software developed by the TE Bilişim team with over 12 years of experience in high-performance technology!
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We provide services to leading brands in the industry.

Beyond Just News Software!

We have designed and developed a completely new system from scratch with both the design and software to enable you to produce high-quality and fast content.

More options and features!

Structure the design and add-ons of your website as you wish, be more free to differentiate your site.

Just focus on your business!

Thanks to the developed and updated infrastructure, stay up-to-date and active, and focus solely on your work in a more secure way.

Advanced Plugin System

Now, managing your website with all the details is easier with the modular plugin system!

Responsive Design

Control both desktop and mobile versions together in the new system.

High Capacity Servers

High-security data protection and powerful servers.

Unlimited Real-time Visitors

No matter how high the visitor traffic on your site, it won't affect the servers!

Automated Agency Bots

Publish news directly from the news agencies you subscribe to, such as AA, IHA, DHA.

CDN Infrastructure

A stronger system with a special CDN infrastructure for all visuals and videos you add to your website!

Easy Management Panel

A simple management panel that can be easily used by users at all levels.

Multi-Category Management

Add multiple categories to your news and customize your categories.

Block Sorting

Add elements to your site and enhance your design by sorting them in any way you like.

Advanced SEO Settings

With SEO support, you can create content that is fully compatible with all search engines, especially Google.

Advanced Headline Options

Choose from a variety of headlines, including custom designed headlines.

Multi-Design Options

Use the design you want for many different areas, such as headers, footers, authors, photo galleries, and video galleries.

Font and Color Options

Set the corporate design of your news site with a variety of font options and unlimited color settings.

Backup System

Your data is safe with the backup application that runs twice a day.

Easy Ad Management

Easily manage all the ads you add to your site on both mobile and desktop.

Use Social Media

Integrate your content with social media for a stronger online presence and reach a wider audience.

Newspaper Headlines

Deliver popular daily newspaper headlines directly to your visitors from our services.

Biography Module

Reach more people from Google traffic with the people and their lives you add to your site.

Interview Module

Publish your special interviews in your own dedicated module and reach more people.

Local News Module

List all the news happening in cities in a dedicated category and section for your city.

Obituary Module

Create a special page for local or national deaths.

Super Fast Performance

High performance and super fast pages in Google speed tests.

Suitable for Teamwork

Advanced role structure for editors to experience top-level teamwork.

100% Satisfaction

100% satisfaction in terms of user experience and performance level.


They tried, they were satisfied and they recommend it.

After making the transition, we achieved incredible traffic. The number of visits from searches has significantly increased. As for the ease of use, the new system has a performance that exceeds our expectations.


Nova Flow is an extremely satisfying theme in terms of performance, visual design, and ease of use. Its mobile compatibility and easy configurability from the management panel are also a plus for us.


Taking into account the feedback and requests from TE Bilisim customers, a large portion of them have been implemented. We are very happy to see that almost all of the features we requested as a custom software have been included in the new software.


Nova appears to be a software that answers the question "What should be in a news site?" for us. It has years of experience behind it! It has combined this experience with software, design, visuals, speed, and simplicity, yet it is equally attractive!


Nova contains perfectly flexible features. The new software has made content entry easier in the panel, as well as providing flexibility in the user interface, developed Google optimization, and a truly fantastic responsive design that is fully compatible with all devices.


We have been working with TE Bilisim for almost 10 years. TE Bilisim, which always goes beyond in software and design, has done a fantastic job with Nova. We recommend this theme, which is prepared according to Google's requirements and user experience, to everyone.


We can say that Nova is the most beautiful theme ever made in terms of design and speed. The news detail, homepage layout, modules, in short, every part of the site is perfect. TE Informatics has raised the bar quite high with Nova.


We are pleased to use Nova news software, which keeps up with evolving technology and provides significant contributions to the development of our brand. After starting to use Nova, we as a team understand much better how right of a decision we have made.


Our adaptation process to the new system was incredibly easy. Along with the new features, the management panel has also been completely updated, and an amazing improvement has been made on top of the old user experience.



You can choose the one that fits your budget from two types of licenses.



The license fee is paid once.

A separate license is required for each domain.


$50 + VAT

5 GB Disk Space, 5 GB Traffic, Free Updates, Free SSL, Technical Support, Daily Backup, DDOS Protection, Plugins

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Demo Request Form

Fill out the contact form to review the software control panel and let our sales team inform you and assist you in making a decision.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have listed the frequently asked questions about Nova for you.
    If we switch from another software to Nova news software, can you transfer our existing data?

    First, we examine the data and database structure of your site. We usually transfer your news and author articles without any problems. We can usually transfer well-known news software on the market and make the necessary link redirections. However, we would like to point out that it depends on the evaluation of our team.

    Do you also provide a mobile application along with Nova news software?

    Yes. We also provide a mobile application that will work integrated with the news site for customers who request it. The mobile application is subject to an additional fee. The tracking and obligations of the accounts to be opened on the Apple Store and Google Market for the mobile application are your responsibility. You can contact us for more detailed information.

    Will there be any other cost items when buying Nova news software?

    Since we host news software on our own servers, in addition to the software, your server/hosting and, if any, transfer costs will also be added. Server costs are determined according to your usage, so there may be differences according to your traffic. Actually, TE Bilişim is not just a software service, but also a software company that provides other services related to software. In this way, we try to respond to our customers' needs in this regard in a single point and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

    Do you make custom developments, special designs, plugins, etc. for our needs in Nova news software?

    Instead of developing custom designs and plugins for individual websites, in Nova news software, we evaluate the suggestions and requests we receive from our customers as a team and include them in our task list for future versions if we evaluate them as suitable for all websites. We believe that you will understand and appreciate our approach as a team to develop the software to the highest level.

    Can we host the Nova news software on our own servers?

    No. Nova news software is hosted on TE Bilişim servers due to its need for special configurations and for security reasons. Our main priority is to ensure that news websites are set up seamlessly and continue to perform at their highest level possible. Additionally, having it completely under our control and supervision helps us provide our customers with a more reliable service.

    Can we request a free demo of the Nova news software's admin panel?

    Yes, you can review the demos of our news themes for free. If you make a demo request on our website, demo information will be sent to you.

    Is extra fee required for the installation of Nova news software?

    No. Theme installation is done for free by our team when you purchase the news theme. During the installation process, our support team manages the technical aspects of the process.

    Is the cost of Nova software paid once or annually?

    The amount determined for Nova news software is the fee for using the software and it is a one-time payment. However, expenses such as hosting and server, which are used in addition to the software, are recurring expenses that are paid periodically.

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