News Software Plugins

News Software Plugins

Everything is faster with plugins!

Activate the plugins you want to use in the news software with modular infrastructure, disable the ones you don’t use, and manage your performance.”


Keeps track of every content added, deleted, and edited by the management team on your website.


An advanced advertising plugin for your website. You can add code or visual ads to specific areas.


With this plugin, you can directly publish news to agencies such as AA, IHA, DHA by logging in with your subscription information.

Video Gallery

An extension that allows you to publish video galleries on your website. You can upload them or share them as embedded.


An extension that archives your old news to improve your website's performance.

Author and Article

Add your writers and manage their articles separately. Publish with one of the different designs.


Create biography pages for famous personalities and historical figures to get more traffic.


The main plugin required for adding news content to your website.


Allows you to use your contact forms, comments, and other forms safely with the reCaptcha feature.

CDN Cache

With the MerlinCDN cache plugin, you can serve all your images on your website via CDN.


Allows your visitors to comment on the news you added.

Cookie Policy

The cookie policy plugin that greets users when they first enter the site and is required under KVKK.


An extension that allows you to express condolences or announcements for local or general deceased persons in your region.

Photo Gallery

You can create a photo gallery for your website. You can also feature these photo galleries in the headlines if you wish.


You can publish the interviews you conducted with famous or important people in this section.


The necessary plugin to publish and read your publications such as magazines and newspapers on your website.


With the notification plugin, you can send notifications via the browser and the app if you use it.


You can increase interactivity by adding surveys to your website and keep your finger on the pulse of society.

Request Log

You can track the requests that come to your website and usually fall to 404 using this plugin.

TE Bilişim Services

For publishing free data such as weather, markets, leagues, prayer times that we offer.

Audio Article

An intelligent plugin that reads your articles and news content out loud. Works on Amazon AWS.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find frequently asked questions about the plugins here.
Are the plugins paid?
The basic plugins are completely free and come with your news software. Using some plugin-specific services may require a fee. You can get detailed information about this from our sales team.
Do you develop custom plugins?
We list and develop general features that meet the needs of our news software and offer them in the context of a plugin. If it includes a very specific situation, you will be informed about it specifically.
Can I use the plugins I have when I switch from the old software to the new software?
Many of the plugins that are available in your old software are offered as default in the new software. However, there may be some plugins and features that are not available. This is because the new software operates on a completely independent and different infrastructure than the old software. There are development plans related to old plugins, but it is possible that some plugins will not be developed due to advancing technology. Our sales team will inform you about this.
Is there an automatic social media sharing plugin?
An automatic sharing plugin has not been included in the new software due to new restrictions and challenges brought by Facebook and Twitter. It is recommended to use a third-party software for this purpose. You can use social media management sites such as Dlvrit, Hootsuite, and Buffer.
Can all plugins be used in the Lite version?
Not all plugins are active in the Lite version. You can see which plugins are not available in the Lite version on our comparison page.

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